Your Life is Determined by What You Consume

I've experienced encounters from friends that see the book in my hand and ask, "you read those kinds of books?"

I'm guilty of reading excessive amounts of business, non-fiction, psychology and god-forbid, "self-help books".

But the reason for doing so is because the quality fo your life is strictly determined by the environment you surround yourself in.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of what you consume.

With the significant rise of social media usage, the content we scroll through has essentially become another habitat we live in –– with the exception of being on a digital landscape. In saying that our personalised Facebook & Instagram newsfeeds have become reflections of the environments we accept to live in.

Consider a person who eats the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables and holds a balanced diet compared to the person who over-consumes junk food. Junk content is as unhealthy and damaging to your mind as it is for your body.

There's a time and place

That's not to say that you should completely eliminate all access to social media and all forms of entertainment. Content that is entertaining and funny can serve as mind "breaks" and be a comforting form of respite from the day to day grind of work.

However, if this type of content encompasses majority of your plate, you fall into the trap of debating and pondering over meaningless information that doesn't hold any intrinsic value to you're own life.


That is to say, we can always "overconsume" our content which is likewise unhealthy. It's one thing to eat spinach in moderation because it's good for you, and it's another thing to only eat spinach. The latter, still leaving you deficient in many other aspects of your personal health.

Similarly, from the content we consume, it is arguably more important to apply what you read and learn in you're own life. Reading 50 self-development books can give you the theoretical understanding of what to change in your life, but by not applying a single one of those strategies makes the initial activity redundant.

A single idea won't change your life, but the single and consistent application of it can.

Content is powerful

The content you consume matters.

The internet has gifted us with the power to access thousands if not millions of articles, videos and blogposts produced by unique individuals across the globe. It comes at the advantage of creating accessibility to information that was previously inaccessible, yet comes with the curse of shaping our consciousness; and this is sometimes for the worse.

Instead of mindlessly and half-eyed scrolling through your Facebook feed, think about if there's an article you could read from your favourite author instead.

As poignantly said by Mark Twain, “A person who does not read good books has no advantage over a person who cannot read.”


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